Puerto Rico surf and yoga women adventure

What is the average age of your women on the surf camp?
The usual age is in their late 20's up to early 60's

Can I travel by myself to your surf camp?
Absolutely! About 80% of the women on the retreats are solo travelers and are trying surfing for the first time! We have created Best of Both Surf and Yoga Retreats so you can have a great journey whether you are traveling alone or with others. Puerto Rico is very safe (it is the U.S.) and many of our guests enjoy staying longer on the island after the retreat either by themselves or with the new friends they have made at our surf and yoga retreat.

Where can I get a good airline ticket?
Puerto Rico is serviced by most major airlines and is a hub for the Caribbean. No passports are required for US citizens making PR a popular destination. Most travelers fly into San Juan (SJU) or Aguadilla (BQN) with Rincon being a 2.5 hr drive from San Juan and 30 minutes from Aguadilla.
The most popular way to get to Rincon is to fly from or connect through JFK and fly to Aguadilla on Jet Blue or Spirit or fly from or connect through Newark on Continental. Typical flights can be as low as $200 depending on advance booking.

What time do I schedule my flight and which airport do I fly into?
You should book your flight to arrive in to Rincon on the first day of the retreat before 5pm (ideally, but not a must) and to depart ideally by 5pm the last scheduled day of the retreat. To get more surf in.

Where can I get travel insurance?
There is affordable travel insurance for the smart adventurer!

Can I travel with a group?
Certainly! A Best of Both Retreat is a great way to enjoy a holiday with friends and family members. Rate for group bookings are different then the current published rates

How many guests come on your surf camps?
We keep our retreats exclusive with maximum of 10 guests, so you will always receive the highest level of personal attention & individual instruction.

Where do your guests come from?
Our guests come from many different backgrounds, beliefs, occupations, ages, and life experiences from around the globe. The majority of our guests are from all across the U.S., and Europe

How far in advance should I book my retreat?
Retreat dates can be booked out between 6 months in advance. As we only have 10 guests per retreat spaces often fill up fast so it is always best to reserve your space as soon you are sure you would like to attend that retreat.

Can I stay extra nights at your villas?
Sorry, but we do not provide accommodation outside for the retreat dates. If you would like to stay in Puerto Rico before or after the retreat, we are happy to suggest a variety of hotels that will suit all budgets.

Do you run your activities outside of your retreat dates?
Our all female surf lessons and yoga program only runs during the retreat dates we have posted.

Do I have to participate in all the activities and meals?
All retreats feature our complete surf & yoga program and delicious meals. All our retreat activities are optional and guests who do not wish to participate are invited to follow their bliss and enjoy many of the other activities available such as body boarding, relaxing on the beach, spa treatments, amazing shopping, gourmet dining or experiencing the exotic culture of Puerto Rico with the understanding that these are done at your own expense. We do not offer any refunds or "catch ups" for activities missed.

What if I have never surfed before? Is Puerto Rico a good place to learn?
The majority of our guests are absolute beginners and the Caribbean is the perfect place to learn. The surf breaks where our surf lessons are held is a great beginner's spots, the water is warm (about 80F or 22C) so no wet suit needed, and there are friendly breaks where you are able to stay close to the shore. With our professional lessons, you'll most likely be standing up on your board by the end of the first day!

What type of surf break is it?
Our beginner surf spots some are sandy beach breaks on Puerto Rico west coast. For intermediate surfers we will visit a variety of breaks suitable to your surfing level. All the spots we surf at are chosen because they are less crowded and have a level appropriate so that our guests can get the most out of their surfing

Are your surf instructors certified?
Yes, your enjoyment and safety are our highest priority! All our surf instructors have been certified by the I of Surfing Instruction certification which includes advanced rescue & CPR training.

What is included in the surf instruction / guiding?
• Transportation for all surfing activities
• Modern surfing equipment
• Performance fiberglass boards, Epoxy or soft starter Malibu board (9,10, 8 & 7 ft.), all with leashes
• Rash shirts, surf helmets, and towels
• Waterproof sunscreen and zinc
• Instructors accredited to International standards
• Sealed drinking water during entire session

Do I have to be a good swimmer?
Beginner lessons are done in areas we can keep a good eye out so you don't have to be a great swimmer to learn to surf. But you do need to know how to swim. For a positive surf experience, we require that our guests be in relatively good physical condition and feel comfortable in the ocean. Each guest is required to assess her own abilities and conditions when deciding to join the retreat.

Don't I need to be young, or at least very fit to surf?
The only thing you need is to be able to swim and feel comfortable in the ocean. Best of Both adventure women come in all body types, ages and backgrounds. Surfing is a self-paced activity and our surf lessons are designed so that you can develop your own surf style in a no pressure and totally supportive environment.

I'm an experienced surfer. Will I get coached on intermediate to advanced surfing skills?
Absolutely! If we have surfers of varying abilities, we often break into smaller groups and our instructors will take each group to an appropriate break for their level. Our surf schools modularized program allows students to be coached on intermediate to advanced maneuvers and ocean experience.

What is the typical amount of time we will surf?
We typically spend a around 4 1/2 hours per day surfing during our formal surf lessons in the morning and afternoon depending on the best tides for the surf break. And of course you have open access to equipment and the waves to surf any other time in the day!

Do I need a wetsuit?
Not at all! We love Puerto Rico for its warm waters! Water temperature is usually around 85 degrees

Can I bring my own surfboard?
Of course! We know the special bond a surfer has with her board. If you prefer not to bring a board, 'Bic boards or glass boards are provided in your surf retreat package.

What exercises can I do to prepare to become a Best of Both Surfer?
Upper body and core strength is most used in surfing; as you need to be able to lift your body weight t from a lying down position to stand up on the surfboard. So push ups, sit ups and 'downward facing dog' & 'the plank' yoga asanas are very helpful exercises and of course swimming.

Do I have to be good at yoga?
Our classes are suitable for everyone. Our instructors are able to personalize the yoga positions to suit all levels. Also, attendance to sessions is optional and we ask each guest to assess her own abilities and conditions when deciding to join a class

What should I pack to come on your surf retreat?
Basically in the tropics you live in your swim suit, shorts, t-shirt, flip flops and a hat! A complete travel guide & packing list is included with your informational travel packet to help your prepare for your holiday.

What is the weather like in Puerto Rico?
Puerto Rico has warm, sunny days (85F / 30C) and balmy nights all year. Tropical heat and lots of sun is what its all about! By virtue of our unique geographic location, Puerto Rico offers fantastic year round surfing.

What is a typical day in the life of a Best of Both Surf and Yoga Retreat?

Your day usually starts with an early morning yoga session overlooking the garden and pool. By breakfast time you will be feeling supple and energized and ready for breakfast, an excellent kick-start for another day in paradise.
We then head out for a morning of surf lessons on the waves to experiencing the exhilaration of riding tropical waves. All our activities will invigorate your body and stimulate your mind and are tailored to all levels of fitness so everyone can join in at their own pace; we always make sure our lessons are fun and informative with structured classes that build on your surfing knowledge and skills each day.
After lunch, the afternoons are varied and allow for personal time in which you can explore the local offerings as you wish or soak up the sun by the swimming pool. Or head back out for more lesson time. On other days, you will experience our decadent pampering sessions or enjoy some sightseeing of Puerto Rico highlights with the group.
The day winds down with enjoying dinners that showcase delicious western and Caribbean cuisine.
The Best of Both team will ensure you have a blissful, unforgettable week.

Note: A $500 NON REFUNDABLE deposit at the time of booking is required. The balance is due 90 days before commencement of the tour. In the form of visa or MasterCard, a money order or Cashers Check Full payment in advance is required to hold reservations made within 90 days from commencement of the tour.
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